Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh! Ordinary People

Assalamualaikum people

How are you doing?
Hopefully you guys are just fine
Yup! I want to mumble in my teaser page again

Thank you for drop by
Well regarding to abovementioned title
"Ordinary People"
That includes me 
I'm talking generally
So please dont eat chili and feels hot okayh

Yesterday night I chat with my friend
Via WhatsApp
Thank you for chatting Y-.-Y
We were talking about "Ordinary people"
We've been through some issue lately
So we discussed
Generally, Ordinary people will forget where they come from
In simple word "Lupa diri"
They step into new world and get culture shock
and they forget people who were around them
I think I've been one of this ordinary people

Then what they do to cover up their disadvantages?
They make stories, they sarcasm, they find for new networks
They leave their..... this is to hot to say but they put shit on top of people have been helping them

So guys
please leave your comment on this matter
this is seriously Hell
We have to avoid this if we could
Thanks for my WhatsApp buddies
Next time belanja again!!!!