Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ohmy! Picnic.

Date : 17 February 2010
Venue: Taman Rekreasi Metropolitan, Kepong

Time ni, I went for a morning picnic with Lulu and her boyfriend, Tam and Alia Beebs. Sangat best. Alia made some sandwiches, Lulu and me bought Nasi Lemak for our breakfast. Then we lepak and chatting. I bring my DSLR A230 along so that we can snap our happy moment. Its a best memoirs. Masa picnic tu, I fall down sebab licin sangat. Hihihi so funny. Macam nangke busok laa~ Btw, its fun. Tenang sangat kat sane.

During the picnic, kitorang sempat snap a few picta :

Self Timer

Snap lagik!

Picnic best!