Sunday, May 29, 2011

TIPSY! How to study effectively


read this please

This list is perfect for those who want to know the best way to cram for an exam. Check this out:

Eat Frequent Small Meals
Avoid eating a big meal before a study session. Too much food will send your body into a ‘rest’ mode. On the other hand, don’t starve yourself either. Frequent small meals are best.

Study When You’re Sharpest
Study according to your body-clock. Are you sharpest in the morning or at the evening? Schedule your most difficult materials when you are mentally at your best, and schedule the easier ones when you are mentally less efficient.

Drink Water Often
Drink plenty of water during a study session, especially when you feel sluggish. Caffeine may help you to stay awake, but it can increase your anxiety – use it in moderation.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable in Your Chair
Choose a chair that supports your back. It should be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Just like an athlete during a performance, your body should be relaxed, so that all your energy goes to where it matters – your brain.

Clear Your Desk of Everything You Don’t Need
Have everything you need on the desk. Put away what you do not need for the study session. Seeing reminders of other assessments or domestic bills may increase your anxiety and distract you.

Take Breaks Every Hour
It is important to take a break before you feel tired and lose your concentration completely. Regular breaks at least once an hour helps to sustain your concentration. If the work is not going too well and you have difficulties in concentrating, you may need a long break and go back to it later

Stretch During Your Breaks
Know and respect your concentration span which will vary from hour to hour and from day to day. When you sit for long periods, gravity draws the blood to the lower part of your body. When you take a break, take a few deep breaths and get more oxygen to your brain: try walking around and doing some light stretching for a few minutes. It will help to release tension in your body, and help your circulation.

Study at the Same Time, Same Place
Study at the same time and at the same place, devoted to study only. This helps you to associate the time and place with studying and concentrating. You will find that you get into a habit of studying as soon as you sit down.

Pepatah bodoh!

Diam-diam batu,
dalam batu tu ada ulat duk buat umah die

maksudnye ape tu??

Friday, May 27, 2011


The mix of my feelings


Today I did something for my babygemok
Today I feel special




Bb harap B suke "pop-up card"
my handmade card


For me, I think that card is cute sayang

Hope you like it

Bb did it sincerely sayang

p/s: sayang nanti can I have the image of the card


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off Double Trouble

Greetings people!
I'm done with my double trouble
1st day final
I got two subjects to be settled
Tasawwur & HCI

I've done it "well"
{well ker????}

sadis sayu hati mak nak
hope result okay je

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nightmare before Final!

Greetings People!

I had a nightmare
about my final exam
I didn't study at all
and finally the time has come
I'm not answering any of the questions at all
I'm so blank

The examiners
They didn't pick up my papers because it is blank
I'm so worried..worried..and worried

As I awake this morning

I start to study for Tassawur Islam & HCI papers
Allah please help me

I hope I can answer all the papers in this final exam
pray for me people!
May God blesses you guys!

final oh final. its killing quietly

Monday, May 23, 2011

Final Examination

The time has come
Registration for final
I'm going to college to get my exam slip
All the tenses have got into my nerve
Chillex Ena!
Fight for it

To all my friends 
who will be taking this final examination
Allah will help us

my weirdo face! The past examination (3rd semester)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Somebody please HELP me

saya nak MACAROON!

The Times

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

I had the time of my life
and I never felt this way before
and I swear this is true

Port baik "Port Dickson"

When I'm depressed
When I'm worried
When I'm curios
When I'm sad
When I'm Happy
When I'm in Love
When I'm exciting
I went to this "port baik punye"
Line Clear
Port Dickson
most of the time
I got there with all my stupid feelings
I'm letting go of the damn feeling 
Feel the breeze
Inhale the beach air
I fell free from all the problems
I like oceans
Love it
When I sat near to the oceans
I feel like it sucks all my probs out of my head
All the good times
that started there
overwrite all the damn feeling
Port Dickson Oh Port Dickson

Love it!

The Solution :)

Well yesterday
Went off to Port Dickson
A peace place
Bile happy or sedih
Selalu pergi situ
remembering all the good memoirs
so nak sedih pon lama2 hilang jugak

After DDZ Dinner
Kinda big fight with baby
All of sudden
bertukar mood masing2

Well I'm sorry
If my FB status 
"Lelaki suka perempuan cantik"

menyakitkan hati awak baby
Its nothing to do with us
I asked it generally

Thank you for your concern about my feeling
about you know what right.
You with other chics
I'm fine with it 
as long as you know the limit
besides, they're all our DDZ-mates

Ta kesah pon na bergambar
I'm sorry if I let you down that night
Actually I'm happy to see you as happy as that night
Really! That night is really over to TOP!
Plus you're one of the models
Congrates baby

I hope you're always happy
even I'm not with you
I wanted you to be happy
No tears No crap No more fight

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Expression -.-

Song & Lyrics by : Melly Goeslow - RISAU

The Crazee Trio


Just sharing this crazee-moments on blog

The three of us
Hzq Ena Bell

We were always together
In many ways d^.^b
Spending time together
Sharing is caring right??
Hope you guys enjoy watching this

this is when we're going to buy Hzq shoes for dinner


I hate this feeling

Done with DDZ Dinner

Greetings all
what a great dine

great performance
great gathering

Friday, May 20, 2011


greetings all,

For Your Information

blog ni la tempat nak "express" everything

my daily dairy (takde la daily sangat!)
my mood updater
my inspiration
my damn wish
my life blog
its my story
its me

I Love Myself

Friday, May 13, 2011

Annoying Background Musick

Yo whaddup bloggers!!

RUDE giler kot
Yo2 bagai!


Salam all,
Tengok title for this entry
Background Musick = NOISE
My background music agak tidak sesuai right
Actually tetibe je
teringat lagu zaman2 sekolah dulu

Songs by : SUM 41 - We're All To Blame

I'm crazy for their basis!

Damn cute kot!
Tall & spikey brunette hair
(yang belakang husband Avril tu okay!)
So, when I'm bored with it
I'll changed it okay
Its my blog righttt!!
So long bloggers

My Other Half

Meet me and my other half

ILY baby
Esok will be apart  for a few days
(macam la esok sangat! lagi bape jam je ni)
B balik Johor Bharu
Bb balik Kola Lompo

baby busuk owang ni take care okay
jaga kesihatan
ubat makan!
Will miss you more baby
Send my regards and love to everybody kat JB tu
Do text me okay
Skype tu penting!
Kasi "on"

Baby sayang B
you know that right sayang?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh Dollar Bills "$"

I like it when money can make love in my purse
So it'll grow more!
So I wish:

The RM1000 to FUCK RM1000 immediately!
So that I can get RM2000 easily
Silly Dorky Me!

Dear Readers


I just wanna say thank you 
especially for those who has been  followed this blog
from the beginning until today (the day I wrote this entry)
Love you guys a lot!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today is Sunny Day My Moms Day


Hey ya
Today is Sunday
A Sunny Day
Today is
8th May 2011
Its Mother's Day

I over slept and woke-up around 11:30
ye, mesti korang na cakap
"anak dara ape bangun lambat!"
That's what my mama said masa I called
I called them to say
Happy Mother's Day
mesti tanya kan
why "them"?
I wished this day for
Ibu (my real mom)
Mama (my ibu angkat)
Bundacik(the one who always care since I was a baby)
Nenda(mama's & bundacik's mother)

I love them all
you guys are the best that I ever had
for giving me the best people in my life
SO all dearies readers,
Be grateful to have mother
who always care and concern about you
don't let them down
try to be the best for them as they did for us
Peace yaww!
*Bunda Mama Nenda ILYSM

*gambar lama BUT ILY Ibu

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lama Sudaaaahh


lama sudah ta update
this blog

been busy

Test II
Final Project

My Internet MODEM
something went wrong a few days back
Since I'm not updating for a few days
I've been to many places
The Curve
Time Square
Terminal One
Exhausting but..
I had fun!
a lot
I bought a tube dress & a puff long-sleeve shirt
also I'm looking for leopard printed wedges
there's a pair of it @vincci
but unfortunately
the biggest size is out of stock!
I hate my big foots!

Its killing man
And now
my baby suggested to buy a Vintage Heels
Actually I'm gonna wear all this for my
Masquerade Dinner-Party (party ke!?)
tangan di dada mata ke atas
I hope I'll find it