Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh! The Begining

Assalamualaikum readers
*Do I still got my loyal readers here ._.

Well its Monday again
For now I am officially unemployed and based at home
Banyak buat NGO activities with my mama

Still looking seeking searching for a better job that suits me
I've been working for around 6 month with PETRONAS subsidiaries
Banyak suka duka dekat menara jagung tu

Dari Level 13 sampai lah Level 82 both towers okay

As for your info guys
I am doing my part time study dekat UTM
Yeah! UTM lagi. UTMersss tegar kan?
I'm doing Software Engineering guys
itu namanya commit suicide

As for my baby pon da nak habis study
both of us tengah merangka plan for this coming years
Doakan kami ya guys, hopefully ada jodoh kami

Okay I've to prepare myself
Esok nak pergi Parlimen Malaysia
Teeeeeheeeeee ^^
I'm going to meet ministers

Semoga Allah melimpahkan rezeki ke atas my family and you guys