Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nature Of Life

Greeting bloggers,

When we are good. We are the best.
We got everything. Everybody are around us. It's nature. They will stand next to us.


When we are down. Pathetic. We are doomed. Who will be around us? Nobody right? Everyone ignores us. It is like we are never exist. We are transparent. Everyone pretend that they didn't see us.

I am so sad for what had happen to my dad. My mom. Me and my sister. I am so down right now. I can't ever think wisely. I put a thought that I've finally in the dead end.


Someone told me me. The most Powerful Merciful The Almighty is Allah swt. To Him we prayed. To Him we gave our all. I've put my faith in Him. Dear Allah The Merciful, please help me and my family to get through of this given test. I pray to you. I know you've arranged the best for us. In sha Allah.