Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh! Hell No! Friendstabber

Assalamualaikum people

Yes I know 2 posts in a row right!?
The time differ was just few minutes around
Well whatever

I just wanna share-tell-!@#$% to you all
Have you guys ever experienced a friendstabber?
Which is known as a "hell no" person.

Well I experienced this more than once okay (with the same people)
Yess my bad because I trusted people so easily
Yes again because I am not alert t(-.-t)
Yes again and again because I'm intense to give *tetss 2nd chances
Well whatever lah kan. Niat I was just to help
apa yang termampu so that's it.
Tapi hangpa duk mengata tak hengat eh
hanjing dibilangin..waduuuuuhhhh
Thanks a lot dear. You are the greatest
Semoga success in your future life without me around
Thanks ya for deceased me **Yeaayyy!!! from the list
That is so adoreable of you
Thanks a lot t(-.-t)
Friend-hell-ship Forever