Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today is the day

Greeting Peoples!
How do I start
I feel so sad today
Today is the day
I am going off to Gombak
My baby is going off to JB
My besties are going off to their places
We will be apart
and continuing our daily life

Without each other
Iloveyouguys a lot
There's none of the word that can describe how I feel today
I gotta be strong
and baby take care
my prayer always for you sayang
B and Bell berjuang okay
habis kan perjuangan tu
B da melangkah 3/4 daripada perjuangan tu
There's only 1/4 left
Chaiyok2! guys
we all love you

There nothing much I can write with tears in my eyes
I just wanna say Sorry for all my mistake and ILY


HaziqSahaja said...

Okay baby. b cube tok abeskan okay. Thank you for your support. :* <3<3<3