Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Solution :)

Well yesterday
Went off to Port Dickson
A peace place
Bile happy or sedih
Selalu pergi situ
remembering all the good memoirs
so nak sedih pon lama2 hilang jugak

After DDZ Dinner
Kinda big fight with baby
All of sudden
bertukar mood masing2

Well I'm sorry
If my FB status 
"Lelaki suka perempuan cantik"

menyakitkan hati awak baby
Its nothing to do with us
I asked it generally

Thank you for your concern about my feeling
about you know what right.
You with other chics
I'm fine with it 
as long as you know the limit
besides, they're all our DDZ-mates

Ta kesah pon na bergambar
I'm sorry if I let you down that night
Actually I'm happy to see you as happy as that night
Really! That night is really over to TOP!
Plus you're one of the models
Congrates baby

I hope you're always happy
even I'm not with you
I wanted you to be happy
No tears No crap No more fight


HaziqSahaja said...

ILYmore baby. ♥

bell shah said...

believe ur baby
he only has u jer..